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CASRI has been established in 1974 as a group servicing national sport teams with main focus on members of military sports club ASC DUKLA. From the beginning the services included biochemical and physiological examinations.

Recent status

In last few years number of our activities has increased significantly. Besides intensive cooperation with top-level sport we closely cooperate with Czech Armed Forces on optimizing training and selection of military professionals. Knowledge we gain from the cooperation with tol-level sports and within military is subsequently applied to public.

CASRI Praha consists of the following labs:

  • Laboratory of biochemistry
  • Laboratory of physiology
  • Laboratory of psychology
  • Biomechanical laboratory

Top-level sport

CASRI deals with the top-level athletes for over twenty years. Focus is at the field of biochemistry, physiology, anthropometrics, psychology and biomechanics. Our activities are primarily aimed to scientific and technical service and counseling. Emphasis is layed on endurance and strenght sports. We cooperate closely with following sports:

  • athletics
  • nordic skiing
  • handball
  • cycling
  • water sports

Sport for all

Knowledge gained at top-level sports is applied to general population.


Research activities are focused on adaptation of humans to extreme conditions. CASRI is mainly involved in optimization of physical performance, increase of training effacasy and selection of professional military personnel.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Podbabska 3
160 00 Praha 6
Czech Republic

tel.: +420-973 204 649
fax: +420-233 338 162

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